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Cardamom (GROUND) 10 kg pack

Cardamom (GROUND) 10 kg pack

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Package weight: 10 kg per piece || Origin: CENTRAL AMERICA || Season: July 2020 || Form: Ground || Density: 400 g/l

Cardamom seeds are sweet and aromatic in taste. They grow in green pods that are harvested by hand just before they are fully ripe.

Cardamom gives bread and cakes a special flavor. Due to its spicy taste, it is also a good addition to liqueurs and gingerbread.

Product Name: Cardamom
Scientific Name: Elettaria cardamomum

CMYK Ingredients Organic certificate 2020-2021


Parameter Standard


It shall be free from mould, living and dead insects, insect fragments, and rodent contamination.
The product shall be free from added colouring matter, foreign vegetable matter and other harmful substances.

Taste and aroma

It shall have characteristic aromatic flavour free from mustiness.


Light brown


12 % max

Extraneous matter % Max

2 %

Total ash on dry basis %

6.0 % Max


Net Weight, Batch No, Packing Date, Best Before


Free as per NOP and NPOP standard


LDPE bags


Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature

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Why buy from CMYK Ingredients?

  • CMYK Ingredients is one of the 307 technology centers in the EU
  • We carefully check all raw materials that we buy directly from our trusted farmers (from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, India, Central America).
  • CMYK Ingredients is an innovative company. 4 products of CMYK Ingredients have been selected as SIAL Innovation Paris (2020)
  • CMYK Ingredients is one of the TOP-500 food-tech company in the world (2019)
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