Leckar Technologies

There is no way to instantly change the taste of prepared food. You are doomed to control only the levels of spiciness and saltiness of the dish.

Until today.

Everything changed when Leckar invented the liquid Fermented Culinary Antioxidant that changes the taste of food "on the go". Whether you're craving the bold spices of Indian Masala, the smoky sweetness of BBQ, or whatever your imagination whispers to you—Leckar has you covered.

But how the heck did they do it without chemicals?!

They combined two ancient technologies to create an intense taste like no one before them:

  • Crushing botanicals with mechanical equipment invented for shipbuilding
  • Fermenting the botanicals

This innovative technology has helped Leckar become one of the top 5 most innovative taste start-ups in the world! Their products are completely safe, harmless, and hypoallergenic. 

Have a taste and see for yourself!

Now they create products that help recharge the microbiom:

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