Our Technologies

There is no way to instantly switch the taste of already cooked food to a different one. You are doomed to control only spiciness and saltiness. Forever.

So it was until today.

Everything changed when Leckar invented Liquid Fermented Botanicals that changed food taste "on the go". Whether you're craving the bold spices of Indian masala, the smoky sweetness of BBQ, or whatever your imagination whispers to you.

But how the hell did they do it without chemicals?!

They combined two ancient technologies to create an intense flavour like no one before them:

Crush the spices on equipment invented for shipbuilding

Moistened them

Fermented the spices, crossing two ancient flavour technologies

This innovative technology has helped Leckar become one of the top 5 most innovative flavor start-ups in the world! Their products are completely safe, harmless, and hypoallergenic. 

And the best part? For example, traditional methods of producing essential oils can emit up to 1 ton of CO2 per litre of distilled water! That's equivalent to the total emissions of countries like Spain or Malaysia. 

But Leckar's plant extracts emit only 10 kg of CO2 and use 200 ml of water per kg of product - 100 times and 2500 times less, respectively.