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Ceylon Cinnamon Liquid Fermented

Ceylon Cinnamon Liquid Fermented

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Embark on a delightful journey of flavor with our Ceylon Cinnamon Bio Liquid Fermented, a captivating fusion of aromatic and sweet notes that will transform your culinary creations into extraordinary delights.

Ceylon Cinnamon Bio Liquid Fermented represents a revolutionary approach to spice utilization in the food industry. In today's health-conscious era, consumers are seeking foods with positive health impacts, embracing natural fermentation processes seen in yoghurt, kefir, kimchi, kombucha, and pickles.

Liquid Fermented Spices from are a new way to use spices in the food industry.

Powered by patented technology, our process ensures customers reap all the benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon through natural fermentation and cold pressing. Ceylon Cinnamon Bio Liquid Fermented marks the evolution beyond dry spices and essential oils, representing a universal spice form. Unlike dry spices, it seamlessly complements cold dishes, and unlike essential oils, it is safe for direct consumption. 


BIO Liquid Fermented Ceylon Cinnamon mix: Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)*, organic cold-pressed Rice Bran and Germ Oil*

*from organic farming

    Revitalize your culinary creations with just a few drops of BIO Liquid Fermented Ceylon Cinnamon. Enhance the flavors of:

  • Toasted whole-grain bread (100g) — 10 drops
  • Warm apple pie (100g) — 8 drops
  • Vanilla smoothie (100g) — 6 drops
  • Chia seed pudding (100g) – 5 drops
  • Ceylon Cinnamon Latte (100ml) — 7 drops
  • Yogurt parfait (100g) – 9 drops
  • Oatmeal (100g) — 5 drops

Elevate your culinary repertoire and infuse it with the enticing flavors of our BIO Liquid Fermented Ceylon Cinnamon. Transform your dishes effortlessly and join the spice revolution!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect, but very small

Could you please make it bigger?)

John S.
The aroma of Ceylon should be like this

I've never been to Ceylon, but I liked the taste

Christmas miracle

I am really addicted to cinnamon, and this item wouldn’t leave me
indifferent when I met it. Me and my husband’s sandwiches have been tastier and healthier since that day.
Rated as high as possible!

Like real Cinnamon

very rich taste