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Mini Set / Ginger&Oregano Culinary Antioxidant

Mini Set / Ginger&Oregano Culinary Antioxidant

Energy + Immunity Management

Your energy levels may be reduced due to a deficiency in dietary antioxidants. Three 0.17 oz liquid seasonings with Fermented Ginger are super-potent Activated Culinary Antioxidants, for pre-serving meals.

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3 products, 30 servings each in the set:

🍬Instructions for Ginger

Take your culinary adventures to new heights with the vibrant kick of our BIO Liquid Fermented Ginger. Just a few drops can transform your dishes:

  • Ginger-infused Stir-Fry (100g) — 8 drops
  • Golden Turmeric Latte (100ml) — 6 drops
  • Ginger Sesame Dressing (100ml) — 7 drops
  • Mango Ginger Smoothie (100ml) — 5 drops
  • Spicy Ginger Cookies (100g) — 10 drops
  • Ginger Lime Glazed Salmon (100g) — 6 drops

BIO Liquid Fermented Ginger ingredients: Ginger*, organic cold-pressed Rice Bran and Germ Oil*

*from organic farming

🇯🇵Instructions for Teriyaki Mix

  • Boiled rice (100g) — 10 drops
  • Fried vegetables (100g) — 10 drops
  • Fried chicken for salads (100g) — 10 drops
  • Teriyaki sauce (100g) – 15 drops
  • Marinade for chicken hearts (100g) — 20 drops
  • Worm herbal tea (100g) – 5 drops
  • Watermelon smoothie (100g) — 5 drops
  • Salad with tomato and basil (100g of salad) –10 drops

Coriander*, Cassia*, Allspice*, Star Anise*, Ginger*, Clove*, Chili*, organic cold pressed Rice Bran and Germ Oil*

*from organic farming

🇹🇭Instructions for Tom Yam Mix

  • Tom Yum Soup (per serving) — 5 drops
  • Thai Curry (100g) — 7 drops
  • Fried noodles (100g) — 8 drops
  • Tom Yum Infused Coconut Milk for Seafood (100ml) — 10 drops
  • Grilled marinated shrimp (100g) — 6 drops
  • Tom Yum Vinaigrette for Salad (per serving) — 4 drops

lemongrass*, lemon peel*, coriander*, ginger*, chilli*, organic cold pressed Rice Bran and Germ Oil*

*from organic farming

Fermented Ginger (by gingerol) enhances the body’s INTERNAL processing efficiency, ensuring that nutrients are better absorbed and energy levels are optimized.

Fermented Tom Yam Mix
(by carotenoid) supports antioxidant activity and immune function.

Fermented Teriyaki Mix (by evginoil) aids in metabolic regulation and cardiovascular health.

Just a few drops of Culinary Antioxidants from the set can clear 'bio-rust' daily, allowing the microbiome to more efficiently deliver nutrients for your immune system needs from meals.

No essential oils or chemical BS. Unique technology mimics chewing to unlock botanical compounds through mechanical pressing and native fermentation.

Culinary Antioxidants are all about immediate changing taste and powerful wellness support.

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